A Luxury trend in 2017 – Chocolate may well be the key

We can see that consumer needs are completely changing in this day and age.

Providers of “The Best” have to be able to adapt to customer needs, wants and desires very quickly.

The big chance relating to status and Read more

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The Dublin Horse Show 2017 – A treat for the senses

The horses, the atmosphere, the moment when just for a second you think the Land Rover wall is going to be knocked but yet, it is not. The smell of the main arena, the cheering of crowds, the Read more

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Did you know that chocolate makes us happy?

There are several reasons for this, and we like to think our chocolate ALPES D’OR is definitely one of these reasons

Other than our inspiration that is provided to us Read more

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The RDS Dublin,

A magical place, a historical society and a culturally and economically driven group working for Irish society so that it can thrive in all areas. The RDS or (Royal Dublin Society) was founded in 1731 Read more

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ALPES D’OR is UTZ certified. This means that our products promote sustainable farming and a better future for all.

When you buy a UTZ certified product it means a better income for cocoa farmers, their families and Read more

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Baronie Group – Inspired by Chocolate

Our chocolates are manufactured by Baronie Group.

Founded by the 3 partners Barents, Roth and Niewenhuis, Baronie successfully produces Belgian and Swiss chocolate at ten production sites across Europe.

The history of Baronie group began in the early Read more

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There are 3 types of chocolates luxurious enough to seduce the senses, these are the voluptuous Belgian Praline, the ostentatious German Truffle, and the grand Swiss Tablet. Time and time again, throughout the years these chocolates have taken Read more

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The Perfect Gift

Chocolates have been given as a gift for a long time, these are given for such special occasions as Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Birthdays alike. But what many people don’t know is the actual history around chocolate as Read more

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The Dublin Horse Show,

The Sport of kings and the Princess of chocolate, side by side creating winners out of all who indulge in the love of life and the value of luxury. The RDS Dublin Horse Show Read more

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That ever so tantalising exterior, that rich aroma that fills you with an overwhelming sense of luxury, richness and emotion with just one bite. It is this, that creates a moment where nothing else matters except you, your Read more

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