The Dublin Horse Show 2017 – A treat for the senses

The horses, the atmosphere, the moment when just for a second you think the Land Rover wall is going to be knocked but yet, it is not. The smell of the main arena, the cheering of crowds, the laughter of children and the smell of Fine chocolate all add to this amazing event. When families, the equestrian world and the fashion and style of The Dublin Horse show come together it always makes for a breathtaking event.

The trade hall filled with people that are looking for the next best thing in fashion, equestrian tackle and luxurious goods, and that is when ALPES D’OR made its introduction to The Dublin Horse Show on a National level


The reactions and the pleasure of people indulging in ALPES D’OR has given us great inspiration and we are delighted to be able to provide people that are looking for a perfect, luxurious chocolate with a treat for the senses. Between Minister Simon Coveney, Bertram Allen and a number of other great inspiring people enjoying our chocolate, we feel that ALPES D’OR can be the purveyors of Fine chocolate to all people who are looking for that indulgence in their life.


Dublin Horse Show 2017 has been an amazing experience for us and we are already looking forward to the event next year.

The horses will be ready, the riders will be steady, and ALPES D’OR will be there with our luxurious chocolates