Our Story

Let us take you on a journey to how Alpes d'Or was created.... 

It was right before the Christmas Eve of 1429 and there was a shadow standing in the dawn light. It was Duke Philippe III: The Order of The Golden Fleece’s Founder. He was waiting for his Love, Princess Isabelle of Portugal and her fleet. 

Princess Isabelle arrived to the harbour with the ringing of church bells. The Duke kneeled down and presented his sword to her as a symbol of love and courtesy, while thanking god for the blessing. The news of their love spread throughout the corners of the city: the wedding of the century was about to begin. A great number of artisans and masters had dedicated their lifetime trades to this very moment. 

The most powerful nobles and knights in Europe were treated to the luxury and beauty of this extraordinary evening in the candlelit palace of glass. While the soft music played and the royal couple danced, they glanced over and smiled at one artisan - the chocolatier. He knew he had delighted them all. In this glorious moment, Alpes d’Or transformed chocolate into the delicate art form we celebrate and enjoy today. A symbol of love, devotion, and the finest luxury life can offer.

Alpes d’Or, The Virtuoso of Chocolatiers since 1985.