Our Ingredients

Our vision is to create responsible, sustainable and innovative chocolate making that results in outstanding quality of product. To achieve this, we use only the highest-quality ingredients: sustainably sourced cocoa and pure cocoa butter. 

All Alpes d’Or chocolate is made with only 100% pure cocoa butter, no other fats or oils. This results in an exceptionally smooth, fine chocolate that melts in the mouth and has complex, rich layers of flavour. It is also a much healthier and more natural way to enjoy the luxury of chocolate. 

Our Dark Chocolate collection is lower in sugar and contains at least 74% cocoa solids. This makes for a dark, rich taste and a lower calorie count, plus it's high in antioxidants.

Our History

Let us take you on a journey to how Alpes d'Or was created.... 

ALPES D'OR was founded in 1985 in the magnificent Alpine region. It began as a small company, and has expanded to a global market due to the success of our custom pralines and chocolates. 

Our chocolatiers manufacture in the beautiful, quaint town of Caslano. This historic place brings knowledge and the most exquisite craftmanship from hundreds of years of chocolate-making history. Using these time-tested techniques we have built state-of-the-art production facilities to combine tradition with innovation. 

Alpes d'Or translates from French as 'Golden Mountains' and represents the quality and majesty to which we aspire. The taste of our chocolate evokes the first rays of dawn passing over the snow-capped mountains, as the golden peaks of the Alps wake and shimmer in the light. 


ALPES D’OR makes a contribution to improving the conditions of life and the income of small cocoa farmers and their families, in order to establish an appropriate basis for the lives of the current and future generations. We are also continually engaged in providing instruction for cocoa farmers in the field of agricultural technology in order to join them in achieving higher productivity and better-quality cocoa.

For us, the importance of sustainability in the cocoa sector primarily lies in promoting sustainable cocoa cultivation. With this in mind we are involved in continuous dialogue with our trade partners and only source cocoa and cocoa butter that is certified Rainforest Alliance.