Alpes d’Or Chocolate at The Lord Mayor’s Charity Ball 2020

Alpes d’Or recently had the privilege of supplying luxury Belgian chocolate to the Lord Mayor’s Charity Ball which took place on the 25th of January last in the Mansion House, Dublin.

A most exclusive affair was the evening of Read more

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Debenhams Events – An encounter with a different type of lifestyle experience, married with the finest of Chocolates.


“From the beauty of the Swiss Alps to the Medieval city of Brugge, to the here and now” Alpes d’Or – 1985


Recently Alpes d’Or has partnered with Debenhams, to provide an enchanting and distinct ambience Read more

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Alpes d’Or – The History of Gift Giving

Gifting is a tradition that has been around for as long as any of us can remember! It can be a symbol of appreciation, a symbol of love and affection or simply a symbol of status. Gift giving Read more

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Alpes d’Or supply luxurious Belgian Chocolates to the Hi Style Tia Maria Hair & Beauty Awards 2019

Alpes d'Or/ Hi Style Hair & Beauty Awards

Alpes d’Or The Virtuoso of Chocolatiers since 1985 recently attended the Hi-Style Tia Maria Hair & Beauty Awards 2019 in the Tia Maria pavilion at the Conference Centre of The Clayton Hotel Silver Springs! Alpes d’Or was Read more

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Alpes d’Or, Belgium 1985 – Taste The Story

Alpes d’Or – Chocolate with heritage

1429 Medieval Bruges:

It was right before the Christmas Eve of 1429 and there was a shadow standing in the dawn light. Yes, it was Duke Philippe III, The Order of The Golden Read more

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Alpes d’Or provides luxurious Belgian Chocolate to The CBA Cork Business Awards 2019

Just last Saturday the CBA Cork Business Awards took place at The Clayton Hotel, Silver Springs, Cork. We at Alpes d’Or were delighted to attend and to provide the best of our Belgian Chocolate collection to the awards.

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Alpes d’Or become supplier of premium Belgian and Swiss Chocolate to Faithlegg House Hotel and Golf Resort



Recently, Alpes d’Or has become the exclusive chocolate supplier to Faithlegg House Hotel and Golf Resort, opening a new model of high-end customization for our Irish customers! The 18th-century manor style Hotel and Alpes d’Or Read more

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2019 – New year, new me, new chocolate

We all know that the New Year means making choices about what we eat and how we choose to live a healthier lifestyle, well we at Alpes d’Or are here to tell you that you CAN still eat chocolate Read more

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Alpes d’Or attends Cork Chocolate and Baking weekend 2018


We at Alpes d’Or are attending the Cork Chocolate and Baking Weekend 2018 which takes place in The Cork International Hotel this weekend. The event starts this evening with the Cork Chocolate Dinner which we are privileged to Read more

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5 facts that you didn’t know about Belgium – The chocolate capital of the world

Belgium is a place of medieval cities, a place of character and beautiful architecture, a place of culture and cobblestones around every corner. The home of chocolate is a wonderful and magical place, here are 5 facts that Read more

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