Cocoa Liquor: A Closer Look

Cocoa Liquor

In our previous series on the ingredients behind chocolate we’ve made mention of ‘cocoa liquor’, and without it we would have no chocolate at all! So, let’s take a look at this vital step in the chocolate Read more

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Cocoa Solids: A Closer Look

Cacao beans and shell

Chocolate is made from a handful of key ingredients – cocoa butter, sugar, and cocoa solids. We recently took a deeper look at Cocoa butter, so lets explore the other star of the show: Cocoa Read more

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Cocoa Butter: A Closer Look

Alpes d’Or prides ourselves on using 100% pure cocoa butter in all of our chocolate. We credit cocoa butter for our creamy texture and melting smoothness, so lets take a closer look at this magic ingredient.

Natural cocoa butter

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