New Product Launch: German Pralines

New German Praline collection

Alpes d’Or is excited to announce the launch of our exquisite new collection of German Pralines! Just in time for the beautiful and romantic Qixi holiday known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, this collection features three signature pralines: Snow Mountain, Diamond, and Blossom. They are produced in the prestigious Alpine regions of Germany with exceptional quality ingredients. Let us introduce our newest collection!

Snow Mountain

Snow Mountain pralines

Snow Mountain is aptly named for the beautiful crown of white chocolate on it’s top – just like pretty snow on a mountain! An outer of our premium milk chocolate and with a hazelnut and almond filling. The perfect balance of crispy nuts and smooth milk chocolate. Beautifully rich and layered in flavour.


Diamond pralines

Diamond is enrobed in a beautiful, shiny dark chocolate outer that sparkles just like a glossy diamond. This dark and deep outer shell houses a creamy filling with cocoa nibs that provide a unique texture. Beautifully balanced bitterness that captures the versatile nature of the cocoa bean.


Blossom praline

As sweet and delicate as a Blossom! Milk chocolate outer with an exquisite floral pattern and a milk chocolate cream filling. A mix of sweetness and smoothness that melts in the mouth and showcases the outstanding quality of our Alpine German chocolate.

The collection features a mixture of these three above pralines, foil wrapped for a pop of colour and to keep them as fresh as a blossom. They come in three sizes – 9 pieces, 20 pieces and 25 pieces for all occasions.

We are so excited to share this new development with you. If you would like more information or would like to enquire about sales, please contact us. We wish all the lovers a happy and chocolate-filled 七夕 – Qixi!