Milk Chocolate Flavour Pairings

Let’s take a closer look at our three most popular Swiss Chocolate offerings, and see how their ingredients work together to create harmony in flavour.

Swiss Milk Chocolate Collection
Our Swiss Milk Chocolate Collection: From left/top to right/bottom: Milk Coffee, Milk Hazelnut, Milk Matcha

Chocolate is a flavour that compliments many others. Our collection of beautiful Swiss Milk Chocolates is designed to showcase the versatility of Milk chocolate with creativity and originality. All our chocolates use only the finest ingredients to offer clear and elevated taste, using only 100% pure cocoa butter, no other oils or fats – absolutely palm and vegetable oil free. This ensures a wonderful texture and mouthfeel that allows every note of the complex and beautiful flavour to shine.

Milk Coffee

Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans are rich, bitter and have many varieties

The combination of coffee and chocolate dates well back in history, as the two products are equally matched in their complexity, range and depth of flavour. Both coffee and cocoa come from beans, and both are developed via fermentation and roasting to achieve the final product. Both are naturally bitter and intense, and this is leveled by complimenting with rich, sweet ingredients that balance their sharp edges. Chocolate and coffee both have a wide range of variety, and we have chosen to pair a silky milk chocolate with light, fruity coffee notes. This ensures that these two powerhouses of flavour do not overpower each other, instead working to create a balance that is reminiscent of a latte in creaminess and subtlety. The fruitiness of the coffee highlights the golden notes of the chocolate,and the scent is heavenly. The perfect afternoon companion.

Milk Hazelnut

Hazelnuts are toasty, spicy and well, nutty

Another classic pairing seen around the world. Our fresh hazelnuts are roasted until they begin to brown, turning a golden hue that brings out their toasted, spicy tones. This accentuates the caramel notes of the sweet and creamy milk chocolate. The lasting impression is that each brings out the nutty, rich characteristic of the other. The hazelnuts are skinned and finely chopped, adding an element of crunchy texture that contrasts with the silky and soft chocolate. A wonderful mix of contrast and complement.

Milk Matcha

Matcha Tea set
Matcha Green Tea is grassy, bitter and high in tannins

A modern combination of grassy, floral matcha and ultra-creamy white chocolate. We use finest-grade matcha that is fresh and bright – the chocolate takes on a unique green color that is uplifting and summery, just like the matcha itself. matcha can be bitter and tannic(tannins are the mouth-puckering compounds that create texture in green tea and wine) and it is a strong flavour that prefers to be the dominant note. Therefore, we use white chocolate with pure cocoa butter to add sweetness and gentle milky flavour – not competing with the boldness of matcha. The higher percentage of cocoa butter means that this chocolate has a silky mouthfeel and melts quickly. Dissolve it on your tongue and experience the complexity of grassy green matcha in a brand new light.