Happy New Year from Alpes d’Or

Our latest collection of German Pralines

The year draws to an end, and as we look forward to the beginning of 2023 we also reflect on the wonderful year that was 2022.

Our greatest achievement this year was the launch of a new line of German Pralines – manufactured in the beautiful Alpine region of Germany. We draw on hundreds of years of chocolate-making expertise and excellence in working in the Alpes region and you can experience this within the taste and quality of our fine pralines.

Our selection of three pralines complements each other to cover a range of chocolate from dark through to white. This allows us to to showcase the versatility of the cacao bean and the difference larger amounts of cacao solids can make to the overall taste. We also play with texture from creamy to crunchy, all in all creating a journey in a fine collection!

Our pop-up stall at the So Swiss! Event

In recent news we have had a successful and enlightening few days at the So Swiss! Pop up event. Organised by the Switzerland Consulate and hosted in Shanghai, this cultural event gathers together retailers, artists, foodies and more to celebrate the finest of Swiss produce, culture, and creations. Our fine Swiss chocolates and created in the quaint, romantic village of Caslano, with an arresting view of the Swiss mountains for company. We enjoyed meeting with customers new and old and spreading the word of our fine Swiss chocolate.

2022 has proven a wonderful and unique year and allowed the world to begin a new chapter. Here at Alpes d’Or we would like to wish all of our loyal customers a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year. May 2023 bring you health, happiness and much chocolate!