ALPES D’OR is UTZ certified. This means that our products promote sustainable farming and a better future for all.

When you buy a UTZ certified product it means a better income for cocoa farmers, their families and a safer planet. We at ALPES D’OR promote better crops, create better opportunity and safeguard the environment and its resources.



The image above shows just how much the UTZ initiative has achieved in recent years.

UTZ certified is also predominantly concerned with quality. The way in which farmers are inspired to grow better crops and conduct an overall improved cocoa farming process inspires quality amongst products, therefore, the customer is getting the best product and value for their money.

We at ALPES D’OR are happy to be UTZ certified and happy to help sustainable farming all across the world. This increases quality, protects our environment and makes the world a better place overall

Want to know more about the UTZ initiative? Follow the link below