Chocolate Desserts with Swiss Napos

Mmmmm… Chocolate

There isn’t any bad way to eat chocolate. We at Alpes d’Or would eat chocolate for breakfast if we could.

While we like our beautiful truffles and pralines plain, our Swiss chocolate is versatile and easy to cook with. It makes an excellent addition to any dessert. In fact, because we use pure cocoa butter, it melts easily, tempers beautifully, and sets with a wonderful sheen. It is best suited to recipes with minimal heat to promote the delicate flavours.

So please find below two excellent options for just some of the possibilities of using our fabulous Swiss Chocolate – if you can manage not to eat it immediately!

Chocolate Mousse

We love this recipe from RecipeTin Eats.

Chocolate Mousse is a wonderfully simple and elegant way to enjoy chocolate. And the creaminess of the dessert amplifies the fine, melt-in-your-mouth qualities of our Swiss Chocolate.

Alpes d’Or Selection: We personally love this dessert with our Swiss Coffee Cream Chocolates. The extra hint of coffee makes the chocolate mousse so much more unique!

Hot Chocolate

There is nothing quite like hot chocolate made with REAL chocolate. The melted chocolate thickens the milk, making it extra rich, creamy, and extravagant. See below for how we like to make it!


250ml of your favourite milk

50g Alpes d’Or Dark Swiss Chocolate

Optional: Very small pinch of salt


In a small saucepan over low heat, place all ingredients. Whisk until the milk is warmed and gently steaming. Do not boil! As soon as the chocolate has melted, pour into a cosy mug and sip away slowly. Bliss!

We personally love Dark chocolate but you can use any chocolate you like – you could even go crazy and try a White Chocolate Matcha Hot Chocolate!

Try something new with our Swiss Chocolate