Alpes d’Or Chocolate at The Lord Mayor’s Charity Ball 2020

Alpes d’Or recently had the privilege of supplying luxury Belgian chocolate to the Lord Mayor’s Charity Ball which took place on the 25th of January last in the Mansion House, Dublin.

A most exclusive affair was the evening of the Mayor’s Ball in the historic Round Room. The style and ambience of the venue was unrivalled and the ensemble of food exquisite! The Round Room in the Mansion House is the residence of The Lord Mayor of Dublin, and was where the first ever Parliament of Ireland was held. Steeped in history this was the perfect place to host such a magnificent event. On entering the Mansion House you can experience a sense of history, the stories that were once told and the momentous importance and influence that this building has had on Irish history and culture.

A most beautiful drinks reception met guests in the foyer while the food and wine was being prepared for all in attendance.

Once guests were all seated, the host Mr. Anton Savage stepped on stage to introduce the proceedings of the evening ahead and along with The Lord Mayor, Mr. Paul McAuliffe. While seated at the table, attendees mixed and mingled while almost everyone commented on the beauty of the Round Room in which they were being hosted.

The menu was exquisite and guests were treated to a banquet like no other. There was the best of fish, the tenderest and most delectable of beef, the best of wine and the most indulgent and luxury of Alpes d’Or chocolate. Our beautiful Belgian chocolate collection, which came directly from the medieval city of Bruges, delighted distinguished guests and attendees alike.  Alpes d’Or had again turned Belgian chocolate into a complimentary and beautiful craft, delighting those who appreciate indulgence. The Alpes d’Or chocolates, with its notes of high quality cocoa, vanilla and other luxurious ingredients paired perfectly with the tantalising aromatic wine served at this banquet.

The Lord Mayor’s Charity Ball 2020 was in aid of three charities that do great work – DEBRA Ireland, Dyspraxia Ireland and Hugh’s House. Alpes d’Or was delighted to contribute to these very worthwhile causes while providing an indulgent Belgian chocolate to guests.

After the meal, the renowned and famous Camembert Quartet played into the evening and the late hours. The Lord Mayor’s Charity ball 2020 was a success and all who joined, enjoyed an indulgent meal and a luxury chocolate like no other.  

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