Alpes d’Or provides luxurious Belgian Chocolate to The CBA Cork Business Awards 2019

Just last Saturday the CBA Cork Business Awards took place at The Clayton Hotel, Silver Springs, Cork. We at Alpes d’Or were delighted to attend and to provide the best of our Belgian Chocolate collection to the awards.

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Let’s start with the drinks reception. The Clayton Hotel Silver Springs showcased a wide variety of aperitifs before the wonderful meal, including delightful Champagne, seductive Tia Maria and a fantastic selection of rich, perfectly crafted, speciality beer provided by The Rising Sons Brewery, as some Cork folk might say it, it was Mi Daza.

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The array of choice and quality could only be described as perfection. Great fun and greetings between both Cork business owners and guests created a wonderful atmosphere on the evening. Members of the Cork City Council, The Marketing Institute of Ireland and the Cork Chamber of Commerce mixed and mingled while discussing the development and very bright future of Cork city, we at Alpes d’Or are delighted to be a part of Corks bright future and look forward to bringing our luxurious selection to our Cork Chocolate connoisseurs. Not long after this, it was time for the moment we had all been waiting for, the most anticipated part of the night. It was time for the evening meal and the Cork Business Awards 2019.


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It all started with the master of ceremonies, Kevin Cullinane, Marketing and Communications manager at Cork Airport taking to the stage. He started by explaining the schedule for the evening while later showing off some of his singing talents

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This was followed by a number of speeches including a great address by The President of The Cork Business Association, Philip Gillivan. Without further ado, it was time for the awards. The amazing Japanese restaurant Ichigo Ichie scooped up an award as well as Crawford Art Gallery, ETCPR Marketing, Miyazaki, Cafe Velo, Greenes Restaurant, Gallagher’s gastropub, The Metropole Hotel, Hassett’s Bakery, K O’Connell’s Fish Merchants, Mccarthy Insurance group and The Guinness Cork Jazz Festival. Last but not least Mr Michael O’Flynn was named the winner of the new Champion of Cork award which was very well deserved.

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The meal was just delicious consisting of an array of Seafood, The finest of lamb and the best of dessert, followed by the luxurious and elegant Belgian collection of Alpes d’Or pralines. These Chocolates went down an absolute treat with guests. The sophisticated and delectable collection of Alpes d’Or matched with the prestige of The Cork Business Awards made for a perfect evening with the perfect speciality Chocolate. What followed was a night of dancing, networking and enjoying all of life’s beautiful pleasures. The perfect evening, the perfect ambience, the perfect Chocolate! Alpes d’Or was delighted and proud to be a part of The Cork Business Awards and we look forward to contributing to the future and prosperity of Cork City.