The Dublin Horse Show,

The Sport of kings and the Princess of chocolate, side by side creating winners out of all who indulge in the love of life and the value of luxury. The RDS Dublin Horse Show is Irelands largest equestrian event and indeed one of the most prestigious events held on the island of Ireland. Where lifestyle, enjoyment, family and friends come together. Where the ambience in the main arena is so breathtaking, you can smell the spirit and passion.

The first Dublin Horse Show was held in the year 1864 and has been running ever since. The sheer success of the event has facilitated its smooth running for nearly 155 years. We at ALPES D’OR are delighted to sponsor such a fantastic event that provides value to athletes, individuals and families all over the world.


The main event of the show is The Nations Cup. This is where the main show jumpers from across the world partake in this annual competition held in the RDS.

There have been Olympians, as well as participants from Ireland, The USA, Italy and The United Kingdom as well as many other countries involved. Since the beginning of The Nations Cup, almost 50% of the horses that have taken part on winning Aga Khan teams in this competition have been Irish bred.

The Aga Khan trophy is the prize presented for The Nations Cup competition and the first trophy was donated in 1926 by his Excellency Aga Khan III who frequented the show quite often. We are thrilled to be a part of this great event and hope you will join us to experience the real luxury of Belgian Chocolate.