The RDS Dublin,

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A magical place, a historical society and a culturally and economically driven group working for Irish society so that it can thrive in all areas. The RDS or (Royal Dublin Society) was founded in 1731 as “The Dublin Society”

The motto of the society, in Latin, is “Nostri plena laboris” meaning (Our work bears fruit) and we at ALPES D’OR can see that it does.

The aim of the “Dublin Society” was to promote the development of Agriculture, Science, Industry and The Arts. The Royal Dublin Society contributes and hosts many awards and initiatives influencing and recognising people who make the country of Ireland a better place, some of these include RDS Stem learning, Climate Smart Agriculture and The RDS Gold Medal for Enterprise. 

The RDS is synonymous with The Dublin Horse Show and they have organised it ever since the year 1868. As many of you know by now we at ALPES D’OR are sponsoring the Dublin Horse Show 2017. We are very happy to be partners of this event and we feel our mission is very much matching with the RDS. We as a company want to do the best for our customers as well as our Producers and manufacturers and as you can see the RDS want to do the best for all parties involved in their initiatives also.

We would urge you to visit the Dublin Horse Show from the 9th to the 13th of August 2017 for a great day out, as well as supporting a leading edge philanthropic society in their endeavour to improve Ireland as a society and a country. We would also welcome you to visit our trade stand in the main hall in the RDS to try some of our luxurious chocolate and to help make the world a better place by doing so. We can’t wait to see you and show you the luxurious indulgence of ALPES D’OR