Baronie Group – Inspired by Chocolate

Our chocolates are manufactured by Baronie Group.

Founded by the 3 partners Barents, Roth and Niewenhuis, Baronie successfully produces Belgian and Swiss chocolate at ten production sites across Europe.

The history of Baronie group began in the early 1920’s as the three founding chocolate connoisseurs made their passion for artisan chocolate into a lifestyle and their work into an art.

Baronie Group grew steadily from there, with chocolate lovers and other traditional chocolate producing families all getting involved. The sheer quality of the chocolate impressed chocolatiers, customers and the chocolate trade all over the world. We at ALPES D’OR are happy to work with such an established and trustworthy producer that holds quality at the heart and soul of their mission and luxury in their chocolate.

“Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd, without innovation, it is a corpse”  – Winston Churchill

Our manufacturers are always moving forward but they keep tradition in their soul, they breathe passion and have not lost it since the 1920’s. The standard of their products and attention to detail of their production makes us proud to call them manufacturers of ALPES D’OR.