There are 3 types of chocolates luxurious enough to seduce the senses, these are the voluptuous Belgian Praline, the ostentatious German Truffle, and the grand Swiss Tablet. Time and time again, throughout the years these chocolates have taken the luxury chocolate market and chocolate loving generations by storm.

One of the cornerstones of the world’s chocolate assortments is the Belgian Praline! The Belgian Praline has a rich history behind it.

Legend has it that the Praline was originally inspired by the cook Marshal du Plessis-Praslin (1598–1675) in France, with the word Praline deriving from the name Praslin. Early pralines were whole almonds individually coated in caramelised sugar, as opposed to dark nougat, where a sheet of caramelised sugar covers many nuts. Although the New World had been discovered and settled by this time, chocolate-producing cocoa (native to the New World) was originally not optionally associated with the term. The European chefs used local nuts such as almonds and hazelnuts.

Pralines from Belgium are known as soft centre Belgian Chocolates and are filled with a soft and luxurious centre. This is one type of our favourite chocolates.

These rich, soft-centred and unspeakably beautiful chocolates will hold the taste buds of its consumers, the history of its production, and the senses of its lovers in their hearts forever more!