5 Classics of German Cuisine

To celebrate the launch of our new collection of exquisite German Pralines, let’s take a closer look at other standout creations from the cuisine of Germany.

#1 – Beer

In Germany Beer is a way of life. German beer is characterised by their strict inclusion of only pure ingredients – water, hops and malt. They have exacting rules dating back centuries that dictate how to ferment and prepare the beer, which results in a quality and strength that has made it sought after around the world. The type of beer will dictate the style of glass it is served in – from a stein for a lager to a Weizen glass for a wheat beer.

Of course we could not discuss German beer without mentioning their most famous festival – Oktoberfest! Held in Munich and now an international sensation, the festival is the world’s largest Folk festival and attracts over 6 million visitors per year to taste the finest German beer.

#2 – Schnitzel

A schnitzel is a popular lunch or dinner meal that dates back to the 17th century. A schnitzel is a slice of tenderised meat that is generously crumbed and fried to form a crispy golden coating. They can be made from chicken and veal but most commonly it is pork. The term schnitzel comes from the German word ‘sniz’, which means slice. Variations of the schnitzel can be found all over the world.

#3 – Black Forest Cake

Germany’s most famous dessert takes its name from the beautiful Black Forest Region in the South-West – the Black Forest Mountains. Known as a site of inspiration for fairy and folk tales, the black forest is a picturesque and stunning natural landmark.

The Black Forest Cake features three layers of chocolate sponge, each brushed with a cherry syrup or liquor called Kirsch. Each layer is then topped with stewed cherries and whipped cream, with another drizzle of liquor for good measure! Finally, the cake is covered in whipped cream and generous shards of flakes chocolate. Incredible!

#4 – Pretzels

A preferred snack sold from bars, street vendors, supermarkets and bakeries – and anywhere else that you can find food! A yeast dough is shaped into the signature plait and then blanched in a mixture of bicarbonate soda, water, and sweetener such as honey or sugar before baking. This gives the pretzel its signature deep golden colour and chewy crust and allows the all-important salt garnish to stick.

#5 – Chocolate

Of course, it would be wrong not to highlight the incredible skills of German chocolatiers as our final choice for the top picks from a diverse and ancient cuisine. German chocolate is typically milk chocolate – creamy and sweet and made using fresh dairy milk. They are known for their high quality of ingredients and strict attention to tradition, and we believe this has allowed us to deliver a refined and superior collection of Pralines. Each chocolate is crafted with the expertise of hundreds of years of chocolate making, and you can taste this in the final result.

You can read more about our new collection, and place your order here.

Our new collection of German Pralines