Children series

[ The mysterious alchemy ]

Boxes of mysterious liquids and unseen tools were shipped in. Alchemy, this old and rarely-known knowledge was germinating quietly throughout Europe.

The bearded alchemist was concocting different liquids and metals in an order. Colored smokes, lights and shades made people call out with surprise. Children were staring at each other and cheering out loud. The alchemist took the hand of a child, passed him a glass jar. When the child poured out the liquid on the metal sitting on the table, the metal changed its color into gold right away. Children were amazed with their eyes wide open; the adults were all astonished as well.

When the night had come, the children were all excitedly telling their father about the magical experiment and asking when they could see it again. The father put his children into bed with a mysterious smile on his face.

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