About us

Inspired by the beauty of the surrounding Alps and its rich heritage of chocolate making excellence, Alpes D’Or promises that all special occasions are celebrated with luxurious and indulgent rich chocolate.

Alpes D’Or embodies the Swiss and Belgian traditions for producing some of the world’s highest quality chocolates – The company history dates back nearly 180 years ago!

Take a journey through time and discover the smooth, luxurious taste of Alpes D’Or today.

Brand story

For as long as we can remember Princess Alpes held the golden key to the gates of the chocolate wonders of the Alps mountain. However, one night Princess Alpes and the mountain were cast into darkness by an estranged evil power. Sunlight could only be returned to the mountain if another golden key was to be placed on the top of the Alps mountain to catch the first drop of golden sun at dawn. Prince Imholf possessed the other key. As soon as he heard about the imprisoned Princess and the lost Mountain he gallantly fought the evil power and won.  Impholf and Princess Alpes put their keys together to light up mountain and guard the chocolate kingdom forever.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop internationally by listening to our customers and staff, maintaining our brand persona as a sustainable company and producing the highest quality of chocolate for the end consumer.

State of Art Manufacture

All Alpes d’Or products are produced by Baronie chocolate group at its state of the art manufacturing facilities in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.


Corby, UK

Rotterdam, NLD

Norderstedt, DEU



Berlin , DEU




Saalfeld , DEU




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Switzerland Add: Bahnhofstrasse , 6300 Zug, Switzerland

UK&Ireland Add: No. 1, Unit 2, O’Rahilly Row, Fermoy, Cork, Ireland

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