1429 Winter ….

There was a shadow standing in the dawn light, that was Duke Philippe III, the order of the Golden Fleece’s founder. He was expecting to the arrival of his bride, Princess Isabelle from Portugal and her fleet.

Right before the Christmas Eve, the princess’s fleet all the way from Portugal, had finally arrived to the harbor in the ringing of the church bells. The duke kneeled down with a sword holding in his hand, thanked God for the blessing to the glory and commitment of the knight.

The luxury glory was widely spread in every corner throughout the city. A great number of artisans and masters dedicated their life-time art form to this wedding of the century. The most powerful nobles and knights in Europe were treated with the best of the time in the glamourous palace of glass.

With the music playing, the Duke and the princess looked at their people and kingdom over the window, with smiles on their faces.

With the profound medieval cultural and historical background, the Swiss precision production, and Belgian art craft, Alpes d’OR has transformed the chocolate into a delicate art.

Jan van Eyck

The Arnolfini Portrait, 1434. National Gallery, London

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